Finding the right book to read

//Finding the right book to read

How to find the books ‘fit for purpose’ and balance the consumption of them – Watch this Podcast by Mike Baxter, Lead Consultant and Specialist Trainer

In this video podcast, learn how find the right book to read for your personal development and learning

Why not explore these key areas TODAY to help you pick the books you need quicker and easier.

Click below to download the Mind Map for this Video Podcast

Finding the right book to read Mind Map

About this Podcast

Looking at different ways to consume knowledge?

Do you know the different ways on how you can consume books and knowledge?

Slight changes to your awareness today will make a positive impact on finding books that are relevant and ones that will provide key knowledge for you. This podcast goes into detail on topics such as is reading a book “risky”? and why reading is essential for your own personal development.

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